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Why Self-Implementing EOS May Be Holding You Back

You’ve been self-implementing the Entrepreneurial Operating System® at your company for some time now. Preliminary results were encouraging as you began to solve Issues for good and got people on the same page. Accountability is up, you’re hiring smarter and you’re beginning to track the right numbers. But after several months, you’ve begun to hit the ceiling again. Is there something wrong with EOS®?

I’ve had several clients who began by implementing EOS themselves before we met. When they found that their results weren’t everything they expected, they turned to me for help. Without exception, every one of them took their organizations to new levels. What happened?

EOS is simple, but it’s not easy. Having a professional who is fully trained to guide you through the EOS Model™ can make all the difference. One of my clients gave a testimonial that perfectly captures the advantage of bringing on a Certified EOS Implementer™. Let’s take a look at the testimonial and unpack it.

There’s No EOS-Lite

The agency did a good job of self-implementing many of the foundational tools of EOS, such as creating their V/TO™, establishing an Accountability Chart and managing Rocks. But they glossed over the finer details of running on EOS, such as LMA™, 5-5-5™ and Clarity Breaks™. Other tools were implemented, but not purely. For example, their Level 10 Meetings™ weren’t run purely or consistently. As a result, the staff wasn’t clear on what to expect each week, and Issues stayed on the Issues List longer.

An EOS Implementer understands why every tool within EOS is necessary, and they can ensure you get the most out of it. When you adapt the tools to fit your preferences, they become less effective and you gain less Traction® from EOS.

A good Certified EOS Implementer helps realize that the parts of the EOS Model that some view as optional are there for a reason. And once you realize the ‘why’ behind those things, implementation really starts to speed up, and you’ll see results much more quickly than you have in the past.

Reducing Risk and Boosting Honesty

One of the benefits of having a Certified EOS Implementer is the level of honesty that your team shares. When an unbiased third party is facilitating your Quarterly and Annual Planning Sessions, the freedom to be honest skyrockets. Implementers level the playing field for the team so that everyone has a voice at the table, and they’re more able to pick up subtle cues from the room that need investigating. I don’t share my clients’ cultural and relational blinders, so I’m able to notice things they might not pick up on.

In the case of the agency, the leadership team didn’t feel comfortable challenging the president on certain aspects of the Vision and the Issues they were having.

With an Implementer in the room sensing that tension, he was able to dive deeper into those Issues and draw people out so that we were having more honest conversations.

Faster Results

While the agency had rolled out EOS throughout the organization, the bottom-line results from EOS were trickling in. Profitability remained a concern and the leadership team struggled to set (and achieve) their annual goals. Once they decided to bring in an Implementer, things began to turn around. The leadership team began resolving more Issues, making decisions with confidence and owning the entire EOS Model.

A good Certified EOS Implementer won’t let you take shortcuts, because they know that you truly have to learn lessons for yourself in order to grow as a person and as a team. They will save you a tremendous amount of time and energy. If you hire them from the beginning, you’ll get a lot farther ahead.

Get More Out of EOS

If you’re self-implementing EOS in your company and still hitting the ceiling, it may be time to consider bringing on a Certified EOS Implementer. You don’t know what you don’t know, but an EOS Implementer can help you get to the next level. You’ll be surprised by the difference in your results.

Let’s start the conversation to learn more about how I work with my clients.

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