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“About two years ago, before I joined ICP, we began implementing a new operating model for our business. The Entrepreneurial Operating System from EOS Worldwideis a straightforward & simple operating model for your business. Our implementer, Jessica F., has been a big part of our success in accomplishing many of our goals. Our quarterly meetings with her provide us an opportunity to “work on the business”, giving us clear direction, accountability and goals for the next 90 days. These short “sprints” really help us maintain focus and deliver. If you’re looking to take the next step in improving your business, reach out to her or message me for more information.”

Rick Warren, CFO & COO – Innovation Care Partners

“We were thrilled about partnering with Jessica as our EOS implementor after being highly recommended to us by EOS Worldwide and a host of her past clients. From our first meeting, Jessica has been all in, all the time, for our success – period. In addition, to be highly skilled in the EOS tools and methodology, she brings a contagious level of energy and enthusiasm that will engage your team to achieve extraordinary results. If you’re stuck and looking to go to the next level, Jessica and EOS can get you there.”

Chuck Gruber, President/COO/Integrator – Haws Company

“EOS has been critical to our success as a company. Jessica, as our Certified EOS Implementer has guided us through the process and provided continued support has been key to increasing our habit of identifying, discussing, and solving issues on every level of our organization. Under normal circumstances, having the EOS process integrated into our company has been fantastic in that it allows us to be aligned as a team. Had we not implemented the teachings of EOS, we would not be 100% clear that we have the right people in the right seats. During the Covid-19 crisis, EOS has been CRITICAL to our ability to be effective as a team. Our people have been 100% successful in mobilizing to deal with the changing landscape that is our everyday. This tool has allowed us to become closer – not divided – in this very important time.”

Lesley Brice, Partner/Integrator – MC Companies

“I took a piece of Tim Ferris’s advice from the 4 Hour Work Week and decided to hire 2 different EOS implementors so that as to guarantee my commitment to EOS and to ensure my implementation was as flawless as can be. I can say with gleeful excitement and 100% certainty that although both were super highly qualified, Jessica was legions and miles ahead of the other implementor. Her contagious attitude, attention to detail, and extreme focus blew me away. She is absolutely world-class not only professionally, but also as a person, and I and would highly recommend her as I know that she will deliver on her endeavors 100%. P.S: She’s so good that she is also my personal coach in addition to implementing EOS!”

Brandon Lor, Founder – Jersey City Capital

“Jessica is one of the key reasons that my start up remodeling company born in 2020 not only survived, but thrived! Jessica has the strength and EOS has the system to get any group of motivated people working as a successful team. She is always available to us between meetings and holds me and my Leadership team accountable. I have recommended her as a Certified EOS Implementer to several of my friends who also own small business.”

Cassady Monsen, Partner/Integrator – TC Construction

“Jessica has been working with our leadership team as we are implementing EOS.  She has been stellar at holding our group accountable and guiding us throughout the process.  We have made significant progress as an organization since starting EOS.  What sets Jessica apart from other consultants we have worked with in the past is her understanding of the demands and complexities of running a business and her ability to successfully help a leadership team find consensus when there are divergent views without alienating any one member of the team.  Jessica’s sincerity and the degree to which she digs into the core of our business and our team dynamics to smoke out the issues makes her a class above and has been an integral factor in our progression.”

Robbie Harris, YPO Member – DC, InCoStrat

“Jessica is a force of nature. She has a gift to move you forward with her words and her will. It’s not pushy, but, you don’t have a choice. She will help move the needle in your company. Jessica is always following up and making sure we are sleeping our commitments. She goes way beyond what she is obligated to give because she really cares about our success. Our entire management team says we would never be able to implement traction without Jessica. We love Jessica and we cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Matthew Harrigan, CEO, Timeline Build+Design

“EOS has been transformational for Magna IV. We previously struggled with alignment and accountability, but since EOS was implemented the management team is now rowing in the same direction and the company is making great strides as a result. Jessica Stackpoole has been an amazing resource in helping Magna IV implement EOS. Her ability to recognize and leverage group dynamics and individual strengths make her a tremendous asset for anyone undergoing the EOS journey.”

Kristi Dannelly, President, Magna IV (YPO Member)

“Jessica Stackpoole’s implementation of EOS to our leadership team has been completely transformative.  Her experience and direct approach have made implementation easy and seamless despite the challenges of adopting a completely new system to manage our business. While we are less than halfway through our EOS journey, our business is already seeing positive results and I have no doubt we will be exponentially more efficient and productive as we fully implement the system.”

John David, CSEE, USA BMX, Chief Operating Officer

“My business has grown exponentially since I started it 15 years ago and early on I joined both EO and YPO to help me be more strategic and make better decisions. I came to the realization that I could use a better system to be more efficient with my company meetings and my company goals. I turned to EOS and more importantly Jessica Stackpoole.  EOS is a system that anyone can buy and use BUT having Jessica roll out the concept was a game changer for my company and its leadership. Her background as a seasoned entrepreneur and YPO member brought leadership quality facilitation to my company leadership. I simply cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Ken McElroy, YPO Member, MC Companies

“Jessica brings a real world experience to companies that want to professionally implement the EOS model into their organization. We saw immediate results within 30 days of implementing EOS. EOS has been helpful in focusing us on what’s most important to get done, streamlining communication, and issue-solving more quickly and effectively in our high-growth company. We look forward to our L10 meetings weekly, have really gelled as a Leadership Team, and we are getting more Traction.”

Michael Van Guilder, YPO Member, Triumph Capital Group

“The process and discipline of EOS have transformed how our leadership team functions. We are much more focused on the few key initiatives that will move our business forward. Jessica is an incredible facilitator. Her experience as a CEO of a substantial operating company combined with her dedication and passion for helping other leaders is a powerful combination.”

Diana Mead, YPO Member, Denver, CO, OnePoint Franchise Accounting

“Before working with Jessica and implementing the EOS program, our leadership team struggled how to prioritize the countless demands of running our business. Staying razor focused on our most critical issues has made us more effective and energized our team. We can see results in only two months. I can’t wait to see where we will be a year from now. Jessica is not only a proven business executive who understands how to run a business but she is also an outstanding trainer. She cares about our success and is a valued partner on our way to greater success.”

Laura Wright, OnePoint Franchise Accounting

“Through EOS implementation, Jessica has been a joy to work with and an asset to our company. Her passion and enthusiasm for business and the EOS process has helped our leadership team get clarity on our priorities and begin taking steps to move our business forward as we all pull in the same direction. Having our team aligned has been such a relief now that we are all on the same page.”

Tim Barrett, YPO Member, Raceway Carwash, a Clear Sky Capital portfolio company

“Jessica’s ability to teach our Leadership Team the EOS Traction system has garnered immediate results for our company. Her prior experience and expertise offers a unique and valuable perspective to navigate the needs of any company looking to focus on results and take it to the next level of execution.”

Raini Keyser, CSW, Vinum55

“Jessica is our professional EOS implementer. She immediately endeared herself as a valued member of our Leadership Team and Trusted Advisor. Her energy and passion is contagious and jump-started us into becoming a higher-functioning team focused on the most important things that drive our company and vision forward. We gained traction and saw immediate results within 30 days.”

John Finn, YPO Member, Vinum55

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